Corporate Culture


Honesty & Dedication

As reputation is the life of a bank and directly related to the value of the bank, honesty is the moral baseline of the Bank of Ningbo and the most fundamental character and professional ethics of staff. It is the overall requirement for the bank, the character and personality requirement for all the management and staff, and the moral requirement for the bank operating each business.

Dedication is the basic professional quality of the Bank of Ningbo’s staff, which requires us to carry out every detail of work well with specific goals, correct values, positive work ambitions, and serious and responsible attitudes.

Compliance & High Efficiency

Compliance and efficiency are the operating style and concept that the Bank of Ningbo shall consistently follow, actively practice and unswervingly strive for. We shall first make sure that every link and process of our management and the development of our businesses are lawful and in compliance, rigorous and elaborate with risks under control. On that basis, we shall ensure that every business operates efficiently with efficient decision-making to seek the best results and benefits, as well as to create better returns for shareholders.

Harmony & Innovation

Integration is the foundation of the Bank of Ningbo to build itself into a learning enterprise and develop constantly. Bank of Ningbo always maintains good absorption and is good at integrating and absorbing all kinds of excellent talents, operating concepts and management techniques; keeps good tolerance and is skilled in creating a harmonious and aggressive environment and arousing enthusiasm and creativity of its staff; remains good openness and is adept at tolerating and understanding differences among cultures of different regions and coexisting with other cultures in harmony.

Innovation is the inexhaustible driving force for the Bank of Ningbo carrying out differentiated competition strategy and for the sustainable development of the Bank. By establishing the organization, policies and supporting system that promote innovation, the Bank of Ningbo fosters innovative ideas, masters innovative techniques, builds an environment that encourages innovation, complies with the development trend of the industry, and forges ahead with innovation in its products, marketing, processes, management, culture and personnel training.

Honesty and dedication are the foundation of safeguarding the reputation of the Bank and ensuring that the Bank operates efficiently and in compliance; compliance and efficiency are the requirement for the Bank’s business operations; integration and innovation are the driving force for faster and better development of the Bank.