Main Business

Business Scope:

Absorption of deposits; short-term, medium-term and long-term loan business; domestic settlements; discounting; issuance of financial bonds; acting as distribution agent, payment agent, and underwriter of government bonds; trading government bonds; inter-bank lending/borrowing; bank guarantee; payment/collection agent and insurance agent; providing safe deposit box service; consignment loan of local fiscal revolving funds; foreign currency deposit, loans and remittance; international settlements; purchase and sale of foreign currencies; inter-bank foreign currency lending/borrowing; acceptance and discount of foreign currency papers; foreign currency guarantees; trading of financial derivatives; and other businesses under the approval of PBOC and CBRC.

Business Features:

The perfected corporate governance structure ensures that the management team operates the Bank wholeheartedly; the reasonable shareholding structure, as a part of the complete legal governance structure, also ensures that the management team is devoted to this career. As a shareholding commercial bank with the qualification of independent legal person in Ningbo, the Bank has certain independence of operation and decision-making, and is able to react quickly upon the current market, show its advantages on the fast decision-making and high-efficient service, improve its adaptability to the environment in competition, distribute the shares to the management and the staff members, and establish a long-term incentive mechanism.